Indian Girlfriend kicks Lover’s Door & Fights with Family

An Indian girlfriend who was misled by her lover turned up at his family home and created a massive commotion that led to an argument and fight between her and his family.

In Bhagalpur’s Mandroja, the girlfriend arrived at the lover’s house and started to bang on the door of the family home. She then started to repeatedly kick the door while angrily telling the household to open the door.

She was not at all happy by the way she was treated by her lover, Ranvir Sharma, the operator of Mandroja’s Sharma Consultancy and resident of the address she was at outside.

She accused Ranvir of having a sexual relationship with her for a year under the pretext of marriage and then going back on his word.

The woman came into contact with Ranvir about a year ago when the coronavirus infection was spreading in Bhagalpur in Bihar along with the rest of the state. Ranvir gave her the job of looking after his office.

During this time they both became very close and it subsequently turned into a physical relationship between them.

According to the woman, Ranvir used the pretext of marriage to allure her into the relationship and used this to repeatedly have sex with her.

When the woman initially started to quiz him about when they would get married and he told her to stop pressuring him.

Then, after a while, he started threatening her when the matter came up. He told the woman that he was close to the Indian politician Bhagalpur MLA Ajit Sharma, police and court officials, and told her to forget about marrying him.

Therefore, she decided to take action on how she was mistreated and turned up at his home and while kicking the door, she threatened to climb over the wall if they did not open the door.

After about three hours of her outside the house, the family opened the door. The mother and brother, Vikas Sharma, came out of the home.

They both rejected the girlfriend’s claims and accusations. They told her to leave and at this point, the woman grabbed Vikas’s shirt collar and a scuffle and a fight broke out between the pair.

This resorted in the police being called and the woman and brother were taken to the women’s police station.

At the station, the girlfriend pleaded with the officers for justice. While Vikas said that the woman had hatched a conspiracy to implicate his brother.

A police officer stated further action would be taken after a written statement was processed on behalf of the girlfriend and in order for them to get the full details of the story.