Indian Deaf Woman raped by 4 Men whilst Pregnant

doctors discovered that she was five months pregnant.

A deaf woman from Udaipur was raped by four men whilst five months pregnant.

Among the four accused, a deaf man was identified.

Following assistance from a sign language translator, Udaipur police have liaised with MB Hospital to establish a statement from the victim.

The victim’s living arrangements have come under the spotlight to understand the sequence of events which took place.

According to reports, bystanders witnessed the woman wandering in an unsettled state. Concerned for her, they informed the local authorities.

The victim was then taken to Sakhi Security Shelter Home, in Sukher, Udaipur.

Whilst living in the shelter, the woman found it difficult living with the other women, who could not communicate with her due to her being deaf.

On October 26, 2022, the woman tried to flee the accommodation.

But in her haste, she fell from a wall and broke her leg.

After being admitted to hospital, doctors discovered that she was five months pregnant.

After receiving information from MB Hospital, Udaipur police consulted with an expert to take a formal statement from the victim.

In her statement, the woman revealed that four men raped her on four separate occasions.

Once all statements were taken and recorded by local authority figures, the victim identified her abusers with help from a specialist.

The social worker on the case, Parveen Bano, said that family members of the accused have tried to mislead the police investigation.

Due to this, officers have struggled to locate the perpetrators.

The woman is educated up to the seventh standard in a specialist school.

Her father is no longer alive while her mother works as a labourer.

She has an older brother and sister, both of whom are married. Meanwhile, her younger brother lives with their mother.

During the investigation, police discovered that the victim was married, however, her husband ended up leaving her.

Statements from the woman indicated that her attackers have known her since school.

A deaf man is believed to be the main accused while the three others are said to be his friends.

Information is currently being collected regarding the details of the abuse faced by the victim.

At present, one of the accused has been taken into custody and is being interrogated by Udaipur police. The other three suspects remain on the run.

The shelter is also under scrutiny for severe negligence of residents.