How Much Wealth will King Charles III Inherit?

These will be inherited by King Charles III.

King Charles III officially became the new monarch after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, passed away on September 8, 2022.

Her passing not only involves the transfer of the crown but also a shift of her personal wealth and the ownership in trust of a portfolio of assets.

This ranges from iconic castles to the Crown Jewels.

But how much wealth will King Charles inherit?

Before he became King, Charles had a fortune valued at around $100 million, mainly due to being the Duke of Cornwall, which gave him management of the Duchy of Cornwall.

The Duchy of Cornwall was established in 1337 to provide income for the Prince of Wales and his family.

Through the duchy, Charles earned around $24 million a year.

The role is held by the person who is heir to the throne, which means the duchy will be passed onto to Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth II had a net worth of $500 million, which stemmed from her ownership of art, jewels, investments and real estate, which includes Balmoral Castle and Sandringham House.

These will be inherited by King Charles III.

King Charles III will not face the UK’s 40% inheritance tax, which would have taken around $200 million of his mother’s estate.

The new monarch will also benefit from the Crown Estate, which has $34.3 billion in assets.

However, it is not considered his private property because it is held in trust. This means he cannot sell the assets.

The Crown Estate’s holdings include Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace as well as land and properties across London and the UK.

The management company is overseen by an independent organisation rather than members of the royal family, with surplus revenue paid to the UK’s Treasury each year.

Although King Charles III cannot dispose of the Crown Estate’s assets for personal profit, the royal family enjoys a financial windfall stemming from its holdings.

He will now be able to pay for his family’s expenses through the Crown Estate’s Sovereign Grant.

This allows him to use 25% of the income produced.

The Crown Estate earned a profit of $311 million in its most recent fiscal year, which means about $47 million was provided to the royal family.

King Charles III also possesses, even though the royal family does not own, the Royal Collection Trust, which houses the royal family’s art and other priceless pieces.

These assets exceed $1 billion and there are over one million items, including paintings from some of history’s most famous artists, including Leonardo da Vinci and Rembrandt.