Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & ‘Comin’ Home’

Canada’s Punjabi folk trap artist, Gajjan Singh, has once again proved his musical capabilities with his new track, ‘Comin’ Home’.

Released on January 21, 2022, the incredible song was collectively created by Gajjan and fellow musicians, Malcolm Flex and IQ Singh.

Described as the first Punjabi folk trap artist, ‘Comin’ Home’ certainly oozes with these unique qualities.

Mixing the rawness of trap with the instrumentation of Punjabi folk music is a refreshing take on fusion songs.

Booming with majestic vocals, emphatic bass and tumbi undertones, the track roars with Gajjan’s artistic qualities.

With over a monumental 508,000 YouTube views, these elements are universally felt by listeners.

Although the aura of the track is raw and vibrant, the song’s subject matter is far more intimate.

Detailing his early life of riding around Chicago with his crew, Gajjan’s vocals are yearning for his wife to come back to him.

As she was in India during this time, the song is a truthful insight into how you can get caught up in trouble without realising what you have lost.

Therefore, the song is not just a showcase of how gifted Gajjan is as an artist, but how deeply personal his music is.

However, the singing sensation is no stranger to emphasising his creative talents.

Lively songs like ‘American Jatt’ (2018), ‘Shooters’ (2021) and ‘Ikk Chitt’ (2021) are drenched in thumping drops, dramatic melodies and Desi vibrations.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Comin’ Home’ has followed on from the success of these songs and is proving how formidable Gajjan is as a musician.

DESIblitz caught up with the Punjabi folk trap artist to talk about this special genre, his new song and his musical aspirations.

Tell us how your love for music started?

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

It all started when I heard Kuldeep Manak Ji’s tracks. Manak Ji’s voice is magical, it’s very touching and spoken truthfully.

It would put me in a zone and gave me a different type of energy and thought process.

As well as Manak Ji, I also listened to my nana Ji, Sohan Singh Panchi, who was a big-time poet.

“He built a structure in my head on how writing and signing worked together, which helped me big time.”

What is unique about a Punjabi folk trap artist?

A Punjabi folk trap artist is someone who knows how to write rhymes.

The trap element would be you there in the trap itself. You were on the block servin’ fiends, hoppin’ city to city makin’ moves and locked up in the system.

Now add Punjabi folk to that. That would sum it up bro.

The unique part about our songs is we are talking about change and telling youngsters to be smart and active.

We are bringing you some straight heat that’s going to tell you real-life experiences, some real knowledgeable stuff like what Manak Ji used to do.

It’s not just the same copycat sh*t, you know what I mean?

You create the elements of Punjabi folk trap through life experiences.

Which artists or songs have inspired your career?

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Kuldeep Manak Ji’s song ‘Janani Jane Te Bhagat Jan’ (1981) inspired me massively. But my inspiration came from other artists as well like Young Jeezy.

His album Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was massive when I was on the streets. I had nobody except my uncle and a few friends.

“Jeezy was there through his songs to keep me going. Thank you, big bro.”

Every time I was down, kept getting every door slammed on my face, lose a person, I would listen to my collection.

It helped me feel some kind of way again. it rejuvenated me and motivated me to go back to grindin’.

What moments inspired you to create ‘Comin’ Home’?

So there is a whole story behind ‘Comin Home’. My lady was back at home in India at the time the track was getting done, so the song was from her perspective.

She is saying come back home but I’m out in Chicago running around.

She would call and ask me to fix up, mend my ways, settle down and start a family. But I didn’t want to separate myself from the friends that I had grown up with.

I was so caught up on the streets and it took me 4 years to get back to her. That’s how the words and lyrics came up. Real stories told in 3-4 minutes.

When she came to the US, that inspired me a lot. She was the reason behind ‘Comin Home’. When she came here, it was her way of staying loyal, even after I betrayed her and her respect.

I wanted to show her what I can bring to the table and wanted her here with me so there is no surprise.

What was the creative process behind the music video?

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Everything we do is creative. It is a little special with a lot of detail.

Everyone you see in the music video and on the set are real people, my family, and brothers, no actors.

“We were working in -28 degrees that day, it was no joke – we almost had frostbites.”

Walking around with a shotgun in an American subdivision was not easy to do. I was glad we were able to pull it off.

How did it feel to revisit the hard lifestyle of Chicago in the song?

It wasn’t a nice lifestyle I lived and I’m not proud of my past. It’s all about changing. Kids think it’s cool but it ain’t cool. It’s a scary world out there, stay away from it.

Take care of your family. I learned how to make a negative situation into a position situation and kept moving forward.

“So, I want the song and my music to make listeners feel revived again, give them something to look forward to.”

“I want them to feel like they have another chance at life, at accomplishments and to make a change.”

Fans should just be real, be themselves and I want to give them that courage and learn something from our songs.

What is the state of Punjabi artists in Chicago?

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

We don’t have a big Punjabi community and there’s not much really happening besides kabbadi melas run by the same families.

These music artists for sure can use the help. But not having a big following doesn’t help. Punjabi music has nationwide listeners and every culture listens to Punjabi music, every race.

Punjabi music already has a big impact on the world but if someone can make the next banger and collaborate with a big-time American artist, then it would help.

“Only then do I think Punjabi music can be as big as other genres in the US otherwise I don’t think so.”

Which artists would you love to collaborate with and why?

I’d love to collaborate with Young Jeezy because he’s motivational. He has a purpose behind his stories, real talk.

Also, I want to work with Sukshinder Shinda paji.

He has always pushed our culture and always gives audiences knowledge and power through Punjabi instruments.

“The way he brings out the originality in his music is crazy. I’d love to make a Punjabi banger with him for future generations to remember.”

What future projects can you tease fans with?

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

Gajjan Singh on Punjabi Folk Trap Music & 'Comin' Home'

We got a few things going on that I can’t talk about right now. I learned it’s better to talk about what you are going to do once it’s done.

But for sure we have 4-5 projects we are working on so keep a lookout and stay connected with all our social media.

Gajjan Singh or ChiRaq Singhs Entertainment will have all the news and projects coming soon.

I just want to also add for those reading, to never give up.

“Even if you make a little progress, always move forward no matter what. Life is about challenges.”

Just remember with you or without you, the sun will always shine, but if you are here then you can make others shine.

There is much anticipation to see how Gajjan excels in his career within the music industry.

With a completely distinct sound, the Punjabi folk trap artist has laid the foundations to distinguish himself amongst the competition.

‘Comin’ Home’ is a terrific example of this. The catchy and head-nodding elements of the song provide a captivating listening experience.

Gajjan’s innovative approach to music is another illustration of how creative Desi artists are along with how their efforts are overlooked.

This is especially evident within mainstream US music, but something Gajjan is helping to overcome.

Check out ‘Comin’ Home’ and the rest of Gajjan Singh’s terrific catalogue here.