Fragrance Ads causes Outrage for Promoting Gang Rape

Two adverts by fragrance brand Layer’r Shot have caused backlash for allegedly promoting sexual violence.

In the ads, groups of men are seen making suggestive comments, leading to the women fearing that they will be sexually assaulted.

It is then later revealed that the men were talking about the new fragrance.

In one advert, a young couple are about to get intimate when three of his friends barge in.

One asks the boyfriend: “Did you take the shot?”

When he says yes, his girlfriend appears shocked.

Another friend then rolls up his sleeves and approaches the bed, saying:

“Now it’s our turn.”

The young woman appears scared but is soon relieved when the man picks up the Layer’r Shot fragrance.

A second advert shows a group of men at a supermarket appearing to stalk a lone women.

The group said: “It’s four of us, and this is just one. Who will take the shot?”

The woman overhears the comment and has a look of concern before turning around and gasping. She then notices that the men were actually looking at the fragrance.

Both adverts went viral and prompted a lot of backlash on social media.

One person said: “Another Shot ad. Disgusting to say the least.”

Another said: “Most terrible ad in the history of television.”

A third person commented: “Recent ads from #layershot don’t need an agency change, it needs to question the approvers of the idea.”

One person said: “That Layer’r Shot ad is horrific. Ban that ad.

“How can someone even think about writing something like this? How was the idea even approved? How come no one stopped this idea from going ahead?

“The fact that it made it to our screens is so so wrong. Pathetic!”

Celebrities also slammed the adverts for promoting rape culture.

Richa Chadha labelled the adverts “filth” and said:

“Creatives, script, agency, client, casting… does everyone think rape is a joke?”

Farhan Akhtar tweeted: “What incredibly tasteless and twisted minds it must take to think up, approve and create these stinking body spray ‘gang rape’ innuendo ads. Shameful.”

In a letter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Delhi Commission for Women Chairwoman Swati Maliwal said:

“This advertisement is clearly promoting sexual violence against women and girls and promoting a rapist mentality among men.

“The advertisement is cringe-worthy and should not be allowed to be played on mass media.”

The ministry later described the adverts as “detrimental to the portrayal of women in the interest of decency and morality” and said it violated the media ethics code.

Both adverts have now been removed.

Layer’r Shot took to social media to apologise.

Priyanka Chopra also said of the adverts:

“Shameful and disgusting. How many levels of clearances did it take for this commercial to be green lit. How many people thought this was ok?

“I’m so glad that it was called out and now the ministry has taken it down. Appalling!”

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