Fans ‘attack’ Prithvi Shaw after he refuses Picture Requests

Two videos of the aftermath have since come to light.

According to a police complaint, after Prithvi Shaw refused to take a picture with fans, they responded by attacking his friend’s car.

A complaint was filed by the cricketer’s friend Ashish Surendra Yadav.

The incident happened outside a five-star hotel in Mumbai, where Prithvi

A man named Shobhit Thakur and a woman named Sapna Gill – believed to be a social media influencer – approached Prithvi for a picture and he obliged.

However, when they returned asking for more, the cricketer turned down their request.

When the pair continued pestering him, Prithvi called Ashish, who subsequently called the hotel manager to have the pair removed from the premises.

This angered the two fans and they waited outside the hotel, calling several others to meet them.

When the cricketer and his friend exited the hotel, they were met with a group, armed with baseball bats.

In his complaint, Ashish said the group followed his car and blocked them near a traffic signal.

The group allegedly smashed the car and also tried to intimidate Prithvi.

Two videos of the aftermath have since come to light.

One video shows Sapna Gill struggling with the cricketer, who is holding a broken baseball bat. Shobhit – who is filming them – approaches but is met with Prithvi slapping his phone out of his hand.

Another shows a police presence at the scene, with the fans claiming to officers that the cricketer had attacked them.

In the police complaint, eight people have been named and it is alleged that they demanded Rs. 50,000 and threatened to file a false police case.

However, the allegations have been refuted.

Sapna’s lawyer Ali Kashif Khan has said that Prithvi Shaw attacked her.

He claimed: “Sapna was assaulted by Prithvi. A stick was seen in Prithvi’s hand. Prithvi’s friends assaulted the group first.

“Sapna is currently at Oshiwara police station. The police are not allowing her to go for a medical test.”

The viral videos have divided social media users.

Some slammed the cricket fans for their behaviour.

One said: “What a shameful act by cricket fans.

“Girl in Mumbai under the influence of alcohol. Cricketer Prithvi Shaw was abused and assaulted.”

Another commented: “Shaw is the victim here, stop with your social judging for god’s sake.”

However, some believed the cricketer had hit the woman and slammed him.

One user said: “Prithvi Shaw is the perfect example of how to destroy your career with your own hands. Prithvi Shaw fighting with some girls.”

Another wrote: “Viral videos on social media are so shameful for a young talent like him.”

A third commented: “Shame on you Prithvi Shaw, cheap player, you are nothing without those true cricket fans.”