Esha Gupta recalls being told to get Nose Job & Skin Lightened

Esha Gupta recalled being told to have skin lightening injections and a nose job during the early days of her career.

She said actresses are put under a lot of pressure to be beautiful. This includes pressures to have fairer skin as it is perceived to be beautiful.

Esha explained: “At the beginning of my career, I was advised to get my nose sharpened.

“I was told my nose is round.

“A long time ago, people also advised me to get injections for fair skin and even I got carried away for some time.

“I went ahead and found out that such an injection would cost Rs. 9,000 (£93). I won’t name them but you will find many of our actresses with fair skin.”

Esha went on to say that if she has a daughter, she does not want her to become an actress.

She continued: “I would never want my daughter to become an actor otherwise she will face the pressure of looking beautiful from a young age.

“She will not be able to live her life like a normal, real person. I’d want, she becomes an athlete, she would not have to study much either.”

While Esha Gupta did not have a nose job because she was told to, she did have to undergo surgery because of her breathing issues.

She said: “I had to go for a surgery because I have deviated septum and have problems breathing, but I never did it because I was so scared that my nose’s shape might change.”

On the work front, Esha Gupta was seen in the web series Aashram 3 alongside Bobby Deol.

The show has attracted a lot of attention, partially due to Esha’s steamy scenes with Bobby.

Speaking about the bold scenes, Esha said:

“There’s nothing about being comfortable or uncomfortable when you have worked for like 10 years in the industry.

“People think intimacy is a problem but it’s not, unless and until it’s a problem in your real life. We are very open about it. The only thing is every scene is difficult, whether you’re crying or driving on-screen.

“Maybe intimacy was difficult for me to shoot when I did it for the first time.

“But when you’re shooting with good mature people and a nice actor around you, you don’t have any problem.”

“And in the industry we live in now, people have been doing so much, I feel they don’t show that much in OTT as compared to movies.

“So I don’t think it has anything to do with intimacy. It’s just that you feel happy about it or not.”

When asked about Bobby’s reactions to their scenes, Esha added:

“I am sure Bobby must have been intimate in his life before. I am sure he was okay.

“When you are trying to show lust, you make sure the lust is visible. When you are trying to show love, you have to make sure only love is visible and not lust.

“So I just hope that whatever scenes we have done, we are able to justify.”