Celebrities Who Also Bet On Sports

Celebrities Who Also Bet On Sports

Celebrities Who Also Bet On SportsCelebrities Who Also Bet On Sports
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People always find those who are engaged in the same hobby as themselves. Therefore, we decided to introduce you to some celebrities who also made or continue to bet on sports: Barack Obama (and he made bets while he was the current president of the United States), actor Ashton Kutcher (the American was a member of a whole syndicate that ruined bookmakers), Alex Ferguson (the legendary mentor of Manchester United), Charlie Sheen (an American actor who suffered from gambling). Details in the article.

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Charlie Sheen

Many do not know this American actor by name, but they definitely recognize him by his appearance.

Charlie, being a fairly wealthy actor, bet on everything, and bet with underground bookmakers, which were later declassified, and their owners were sent to prison.

The actor became addicted to sports betting and became a real gambler. In one week, he could lose about $ 200,000, and this was not the limit.

Sheen also suffered from alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental disorders, and in 2015 he admitted that he was infected with HIV. All this did not make his life happy. The story of Charlie Sheen clearly shows us what not to do in our lives, including how not to treat betting and other gambling.

Ashton Kutcher

The famous American actor was a member of one large US syndicate, which professionally engaged in sports betting and ruined bookmakers.

Ashton Kutcher spoke in detail about his activities to Esquire. Most likely, it was about sports betting in the period of 2008 or 2010.

According to him, he was a figurehead for the syndicate. Ashton’s role was to confuse the bookies and cover up the entire syndicate. Like, he is such a famous young actor who loves sports betting, plays betting shops for his own entertainment, bets huge sums on the first events that come across, make reckless bets, etc.

Ashton Kutcher admitted that there were many professionals in the syndicate who analyzed American football inside and out, but these people could not play in bookmakers for a long time, because their accounts were blocked, maximums were cut, etc. Therefore, they needed a person like Ashton, that is, a well-known person whose bookmakers would accept bets without any problems.

Kutcher agreed to cooperate with the syndicate, and for some time remained in the black (foreign media reported that he earned about $ 750,000 in one month), but then the betting companies figured out the American actor and stopped accepting large bets from him.

Alex Ferguson

Surely there is not a single football fan who does not know Sir Alex Ferguson.

So, we learned that the Manchester United mentor was betting on sports only in 2016 from the book of the former player of Northern Ireland and Manchester United national team, Keith Gillespie.

In his book, the Irishman wrote that he himself began to play in bookmakers, being a Manchester United football player, and the team’s mentor Alex Ferguson even sent Gillespie to the bookmaker’s office so that the player made a bet there for himself.

If the bet came in, Sir Alex Ferguson even shared a certain part of the winnings with the player.

By the way, Keith Gillespie himself lost more than 7 million pounds on bets, and in 2010 he was declared bankrupt.