Casino-Themed Movies in Bollywood

Casino-Themed Movies in Bollywood

Casino-Themed Movies in BollywoodCasino-Themed Movies in Bollywood

The Indian film industry, popularly known as Bollywood, is one of the most popular entertainment industries in the world. The world-famous Hindi language cinema is based in Mumbai and produces over 2000 films annually.

It explores the realm of extraordinary cinema and often employs excessive melodrama paired with unorthodox filming techniques. The result is colorful movies that often include songs and dance.

The recent rise in the popularity of gambling is reflected in the film industry, with casinos and gambling being featured increasingly in films over the years. Here are some of the Casino themed movies in Bollywood:

1) Teen Patti 

The movie premiered in 2010 and featured a great lineup of stars such as Amitabh Bachchan, Ben Kingsley, and Shraddha Kapoor. It has gained a massive audience, managed to secure its position in film history, and become a classic among gambling fans. The film was inspired by the Hollywood movie 21 with Kevin Spacey.

It is the perfect mix of entertainment and gambling skills. The movie is named after teen Patti, a local Indian version of poker, and is the game played in the film. The storyline follows Venkat, a professor of math, who dreams of winning a large jackpot in the Casino. He learns how to gamble to achieve his goal.

Venkat is mentored by a famous mathematician, Percy, who guides him on his quest. They formulate a math probability theory with an equation that redefines probability. It is tested out in several gambling establishments across London. They win lots of money while also attracting the attention of large crowds.

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2) The Striker

The film premiered in 2010 and made history by becoming the first Bollywood movie released on YouTube the same day it was released in theaters. It features famous movie stars Padmapriya, Siddharth, and Usha Jadhav and is directed by Chandan Arora. It is based on real-life events and is therefore regarded fondly by many fans.

The film offered many the chance to glimpse the gambling underworld in India and the dangerous lifestyles of the players involved. The story follows the life of Suryakatang Sarang, who is born into abject poverty and is forced to struggle for survival in the harsh suburbs of India.

He is forced to stay at home due to his poor health. He learns to play Carrom and excels at the game. He proceeds to win the Carrom game tournament at only the age of 12. He has a natural talent for the game and dives into the underground world of Carrom in pursuit of more challenges and adrenaline rushes.

He starts to lose control as he delves deeper into the dark criminal world. His greed eventually lands him in the middle of a money-making scheme by a mafia don. It is an excellent movie for fans that enjoy epic action movies with plenty of melodrama. The directors also perform a great job raising psychological questions in the film.

3) Jannat: In Search of Heaven

Despite being a romantic drama, Jannat also features some vital gambling elements. It incorporates aspects of criminality to deliver a very entertaining product. The movie premiered in 2008 and starred Emraan Hashmi with Kunal Deshmukh as director.

It follows Arjun Dixit, who is a young gambler and hustler who is trying to get rich. Arjun evolves from a small-time card player to cricket gambling. Viewers are taken to the underbelly of cricket which is plagued by match-fixing. He gambles around the clock to become wealthy after falling in love with Zoya.

He eventually becomes involved in many crazy deals as he becomes more involved in gambling and even joins the mafia. His activities have a detrimental effect on his life and relationship with Zoya.

It is a great movie that highlights some of the most controversial topics in sports, such as match-fixing. Viewers who enjoy playing in Indian real-money casinos will surely enjoy this classic film. The music featured in the film also received critical acclaim from many critics in the industry.

4) The Casino

The Casino is one of the latest Casino-themed Bollywood films to be released to the public. It premiered in 2020 and featured stars such as Mandana Karimi, Karanveer Bohra, and Sudhanshu Pandey. It was initially released on the online streaming platform Zee5 and was received positively by viewers.

It follows the intriguing story of Vicky, the only heir to a multi-million-dollar casino in Nepal. After his mother passes on, he is caught up in the power struggle for control over the Casino with his late father’s mistress.

5) Gambler

Gambler is a classic Bollywood movie that features a strong casino theme. The film premiered in 1971. The plot revolves around Inspector Daya Shankar Pandey, a very lazy officer in the local police force. His daily routine is abruptly interrupted when he is assigned an assignment that dramatically changes the course of his life.

He is charged with uncovering an underground gambling and drug-smuggling racket. The criminal organization seeks to teach the inspector a lesson after he ruins business for them. He eventually quits his job and takes up gambling. He soon joins the world of professional gambling and wins a lot of prize money.

The film has a great representation of the amount of skill and sometimes luck that is needed to win games of chance. It also shows viewers some of the downsides of illegal gambling underground.

6) The Great Gambler

The first hit the theaters in the 1970s and is often considered the frontrunner in the gambling subgenre in Bollywood films. The film was widely noted for its high budget and production costs with scenes from different locations in Africa and Europe.

It was directed by the legendary Shakti Samanta and also starred famous actor Amitabh Bachchan as Jai, the protagonist, alongside Neetu Singh and Prem Chopra. Jai is a talented gambler who has never tasted defeat, even at times employing mischief to win.

The film follows his exploits as he gets involved with gangsters and deals with his daily problems. It is a thrilling film that many, even players new to gambling games, as it is easy for viewers to relate to the characters.