5 Ridiculous Bollywood Movies To Watch With Friends

5 Ridiculous Bollywood Movies To Watch With Friends

Ridiculous Bollywood Movies - GundaRidiculous Bollywood Movies - Gunda

Nearly 90% of the total movies that Bollywood produced are bad films. Well, there is no surprise as filmmaking is not an easy craft. Out of this 90%, some movies are so bad or say ridiculous that they become the topic of discussion. I mean they are so bad that they are great. These are the films that will make you chuckle when in the company of friends and you enjoy as you browse through NBA odds today.

These types of films stray so far from their intended subject matter that they make no sense. Well, here is a list of ridiculous Bollywood movies you can watch with your friends and have a time of your life.


This film was advertised as a drama-thriller but was as distant from that as Himesh Reshammiya’s acting. If you are familiar with the plot and premise of a remake, you expect that it will be nice. However, Satish Kaushik’s soap opera is awkward and plodding.

The movie features some of the worst acting you’ve ever witnessed from a cast. Everyone in the movie, from the main characters to the supporting cast to the younger performers in minor roles, appeared to be competing for the best bad performance.

The movie was supposed to be about revenge and reincarnation. But soon you realize that making the movie was a mistake in the first place, not adding four more Zs to the title. Since Himesh is in command, nothing less is acceptable.


We are talking about the one released in 2013. Directed by Sajid Khan, it is an official remake of the 1983 Bollywood of the same name. Starring Ajay Devgn in lead role, Himmatwala is ridiculously funny. It looked like a satirical take on the 1983 Bollywood blockbuster, starring Sridevi and Jeetendra was one of the most memorable films of the 80s.

Sajid Khan manages to make such a bad film that you would love to celebrate. Pathetic dialogues, fluffy direction, and over-the-top acting from even legends like Paresh Rawal and Zarina Wahab make this movie cringy.

Tees Maar Khan

Directed by Farah Khan, Tees Maar Khan was released when Akshay Kumar was in his prime form, delivering back-to-back hits. No one was expecting this dumb movie from him. Tees Maar Khan is unbearable, to say the least. Devoid of any logic, poor acting, and forced nonsense, this will make you chuckle, provided you are watching it with our pals. The only good thing about this movie is Katrina Kaif’s dance number Sheila Ki Jawaani.

Aap Ka Suroor

Another Himesh Reshammiya movie is on the list. I mean who has asked him to act and make the whole world cry? Aap Ka Suroor is one dodgiest movies you will ever see. There is Himesh Reshammiya, so you know what to expect on the acting ground. Reshammiya has claimed the story is based on his own life and was named after his music album Aap Kaa Surroor. The only time you really smile in the movie is when they crack those jokes and one-liners directed at themselves. Like that joke on Himesh’s nasal voice, and the one about his obsession with hats.


A magnum opus of a different league, which got its due not by award nights or critics but by time and culture. Modern Indian Cinema can only desire to replicate this once-in-a-lifetime classic, which represents the other end of the spectrum often only owned by the first families of Bollywood.

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