20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

No matter how experienced a man may think he is, every now and then, some sex tips can give a little boost to improve life in the bedroom.

Whether someone is a virgin, in a relationship, or “having fun”, it’s important to have some useful steps to rely on when stuck in a rut.

Sometimes sex can feel like it should come with an instruction guide and trying to find out what works for an orgasmic life is tough.

But, these sex tips are simple and straightforward.

They don’t just outline how you can vary having sex but also the benefits certain tasks have on sex drive, performance, and knowledge about your partner’s body.

So, here are the 20 best ways to kick your sex game into gear.

A Good and Healthy Diet

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

For men, especially Indian men, the foods you eat can have an impact on your sex drive and overall performance.

Whilst having traditional cuisine at home is not entirely bad, there are certain Desi foods you can add/try to help you in the bedroom.

You may think why does it matter? To put it simply, it’s all about blood flow.

When aroused, blood flows to the penis and certain foods can help sustain flow, erections, and sex drive.

Certain Desi foods and ingredients used in dishes are actually very well-known to help with libido problems in men.

Chilli and garlic are two simple and effective ways of spicing up your meals. Other spices like ginger and turmeric can also work wonders.

However, if you have more of a sweet tooth, foods like watermelon and spices like cinnamon can help.

DESIblitz went into detail about these and other ingredients that can help boost sex drive in men, so take a look here.

Good Hygiene and Smelling Good

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Among the sex tips that men can implement straight away is having a good sense of hygiene, cleanliness, and grooming.

The usual daily showers and skincare routines are a great base to start. But, neglecting other manscaping rules may result in bad sexual experiences.

The number one tip when it comes to sexual grooming for men is to trim, wash and dry your groin area.

Excess hair will allow for more sweat and can result in a bad odour if not cleaned properly.

Although some partners may not mind the hair (they could be into it), it’s a good habit to keep it neat for comfort and smell.

The foreskin should also be cleaned regularly by pulling the skin gently back and using a penis-friendly soap/body wash.

Balls UK and Ballsy do incredible products and are a good place to start to give that undercarriage a nice scent.

Likewise, you want other parts of your body to smell good too.

So, try moisturising your body after a shower and practice nightly skincare routines to not only improve your skin health but to leave you feeling fresh for any unexpected sexual surprises.


5 Ultimate Workout Routines for Fat Loss

5 Ultimate Workout Routines for Fat Loss

Do you find yourself getting tired quickly when having sex or unable to stay in certain positions for a period of time?

Well, a lack of regular exercise may be the reason that you get fatigued in a matter of minutes.

Partners aren’t too fond of a partner’s lack of stamina and can’t please them for a reasonable amount of time.

Therefore, try push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches as these muscle-building exercises can help strengthen your core and upper body which are mostly used during intercourse.

Likewise, squats are an amazing bodyweight exercise to help you build a stable base for certain positions.

Exercise can also help your self-confidence and if you feel good then you will appear as a more positive person when engaging with a potential sexual partner.

Sex itself is quite a good workout and you can burn up to five calories a minute. So, if you exercise regularly, you’ll be able to reap the rewards in all aspects of your sexual life.

Talk Dirty

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Most men are silent in the bedroom and leave the moaning and groaning to their partners.

But, there is a way to add some spice to your sex and also get your partner going even more by talking dirty.

Either during kissing, foreplay, or intercourse, try whispering in their ear what you like about them or how they are making you feel.

Something simple as “I love that”, “right there” or “you make me feel good” can instantly add some fire to the bedroom.

It’ll also be a confidence booster for your partner knowing that they are satisfying you.

Some people may like extreme phrases where you swear or call them names.

And if you are into that then ease into those phrases and see if they positively respond as you don’t want to put them off.

Also, don’t be afraid of asking your partner what they’d like you to do to them and vice versa. Simple exchanges like this can enhance sexual experiences and bring you closer together.

Learn and Understand

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

This ties into talking dirty where you learn about your own and your partner’s sexual desires.

As a man, reflect on what you like during sex and the act that will get you to climax. Now, that same thought must be put into your partner.

Learning about their kinks and fantasies, what they like and dislike, how they like to be touched etc is important.

Of course, each time you have sex, the circumstances will be different. But as some of these sex tips have outlined, you can quickly learn and understand what your partner is into.

Initiating dirty talk can get them to express their natural desires, biting their neck could make them moan, or giving them anal pleasure could make them orgasm.

Some people will quickly tell or express what they like to be done so be sure not to neglect that, even if you may not have experienced it before.

With women, you can even try things like blowing on their clitoris which can provide a new and thrilling sensation. Experiment but don’t go overboard.

Explore Fantasies

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Sexual fantasies are one of the best ways you can enhance your sex life.

Exploring new “scenarios” or experimenting with things like toys and costumes can add a new dimension to your orgasms and even make you feel better sensations.

According to a UK survey done by the sexual experts at Sinful, some of the most popular fantasies are:

  • Having sex outside (21%).
  • 69ing (20%).
  • Having a threesome (18%).
  • Using sex toys (17%).
  • Role play (14%).
  • Light BDSM (10%).

Those the most favoured by men are:

  • 69ing (24%).
  • Having a threesome (24%).
  • Sex outside (23%).
  • Sex with a stranger (21%).
  • Lingerie (18%).

However, one in three British people doesn’t feel comfortable opening up about their sexual fantasies.

But, talking about these and implementing them will open up a world of new desires to be fulfilled.

For Indian men and couples especially, this can give you new grounds to explore when stuck in the same sexual routine or expectations.

However, whether your fantasies are mild like using sex toys, or more hardcore like BDSM, they should always be consensual and wanted by both parties.

Sex Outside the Bedroom

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Although the bedroom is a comfortable and intimate space to have intercourse, it can sometimes become mundane and you may find the sex repetitive.

However, venturing outside to other places in the house can have extreme benefits.

According to the magazine, Bustle, people having sex outside the bedroom “reported having more sex, more relationship satisfaction, and more sexual satisfaction”.

There’s also something naughty about having sex in other rooms because they’re more “public”. For example, the living room and shower are some of the most popular places to have sex.

In a survey of 1000 people, Bustle found:

“Those who had sex outside the bedroom said that they were 86.8 percent satisfied with their sex lives, but those who didn’t were only 62.2 percent satisfied.”

A new environment can also help you try out new positions – perhaps on the edge of the sofa, against a wall, or on the coffee table.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try outdoors. Although this is more daring, it adds to the naughty feeling, which is always good.

Kegel Exercises

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

As mentioned before, regular exercise is good for sexual and overall health. But, one of the best sex tips in regards to working out is to practice kegel movements.

Kegel exercises are basically pelvic floor exercises where you repeatedly contract and relax the muscles that form around this body part.

These exercises can achieve firmer erections as the flow of blood into the groin improves.

It can also help delay ejaculations as the ability to contract these muscles will get better as you do the exercises more.

It also aids strength and stamina in certain positions such as where your partner is on top of you.

As you thrust up, you are using your pelvis/hips and better control can lead to longer sex and better orgasms.

Try laying on your back with your hands flat on the floor. Keep your knees bent, pointing upwards, and thrust. As you thrust up, hold it for five seconds and release.

You can also try sitting in a chair and squeezing your penis as if you are trying to stop urine from coming out. Again, hold for five seconds and release.

Try Massages

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Sex can be overwhelming at times but massages can help relax you and your partner and also increase the intimacy as you touch each other’s body.

According to Healthline, the best points for seduction relaxation and sex are:

  • Head massage.
  • Foot massage.
  • Calf massage.
  • Belly rub.
  • Hip rub.

Having your hands caress and soothe your partner’s skin will not only relax and tease them but it’ll make intercourse much more romantic and intimate.

Perhaps the most popular technique to use is a tantric massage which has been proven to benefit health and sex life.

Tenured professor of sexual and relational communication, Dr Tara Suwinyattichaiporn, says:

“If couples are feeling sexually stagnant, they should definitely try tantric massage and tantric sex.

“It involves all the things we want in a sexual encounter: connection, relaxation, arousal, and novelty!”

The tantric massage and massages overall will let you pay attention to the body’s sensations, emotions, and areas of pleasure.

It can also reduce levels of anxiety and depression in your partners if continuously done. This will not only make them happier in life, but also in bed.

Why Foreplay?

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Even though the adrenaline and urge will push couples to jump straight into sex, engaging in foreplay first can make the experience much more pleasurable.

Take foreplay as a little warm-up before the main event.

It’s a chance for men to tease their partner, maintain intimacy and play with certain body parts which can achieve natural lubrication.

Foreplay can also allow you to calm your excitement and prolong the whole sexual encounter without sacrificing any pleasure.

Men can also give their partners orgasms during foreplay with the use of their hands and mouths before even getting to sex.

Foreplay can include touching each other’s bodies, oral sex, kissing, talking dirty and anal play.

It can build a better sexual connection between a man and his partner and help establish more intensity during sex.

Some people also believe that climaxing can be achieved by using foreplay alone and this is a massive turn-on – for women particularly. So mix things up.

Kissing and Using Your Tongue

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Although many couples love kissing, it can be overlooked as a way of causing satisfaction and pleasure.

Kissing on the lips and using your lips and tongue on the body is one of the most powerful tools to make each sexual encounter special.

There are different techniques you can use to up your kiss game.

You can kiss very slowly, break away and maintain eye contact, speed up the intensity at times and even gently bite the lip.

Try grabbing their neck or back of the head to bring them in closer which can increase the passion between both of you.

Another method is to use your tongue whilst kissing. Although some people are for or against this, try it and see if your partner responds.

Tongue kissing or French kissing is a way to stimulate intimacy and make things more erotic in the bedroom.

It’s also another good tip to use your tongue to lick behind the ear of your partner or their neck. You can even glide it across the legs, inner thighs, and lower back.

Use Good Quality Condoms

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Practicing safe sex is one of the most important sex tips to remember, especially for single men.

However, what deters men from using condoms is the lack of stimulation they can get as they provide a thin layer over the penis.

Although, looking for and using good quality condoms can ensure you get the feeling of having unprotected sex.

Durex and Trojan are the most popular brands but more companies are opening up online which gives you plenty of space to experiment.

You can also get condoms that have different designs like extra thin, non-latex, and glow-in-the-dark.

You can also get ones that have ridges that give more sensation to the penis.

Not to mention flavoured condoms which are better than the plastic-type smell or taste you can get with normal condoms.

These can also be better for your partner who can apply the condoms with their mouth without being left with a synthetic taste.

Use a Cock Ring and Sex Toys

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

When mentioning sex toys around men, the first thing that will pop into their minds is a dildo.

However, there are numerous toys that men can use that are specifically designed for them.

Cock rings are normally used around the penis and testicles to constrict blood flow so erections last longer. However, they can also provide a better sensation and intense orgasm for men.

Likewise, cock rings come in different shapes and designs. Some can vibrate or include protrusions that not only satisfy you but also your partner during sex.

You can also use props like handcuffs, blindfolds, and vibrators to enhance the sexual experience.

These toys don’t have to be used every time, but every so often, they can help you and your partner reach orgasm much quicker and more frequently.

You can also start to use the toys whilst penetrating such as a vibrator or handcuffs to carry out certain fantasies and passionate climaxes.

Don’t Rush into Intercourse

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Of course, intercourse is the main element of having sex but penetration isn’t always the way to go to have a fulfilling experience.

Jumping straight into intercourse can make things feel rushed and leave your partner unsatisfied.

Take your time and apply the other sex tips outlined on this list like exploring the body, kissing, foreplay, and talking dirty.

In other cases, your partner may not want to engage in sex so rushing in may come across as forceful so it’s always best to take your time.

Sex is supposed to be a comforting experience where both of you are able to express your deepest desires openly.

Foreplay and touching each other can build layers of emotion between two people and also increase sexual tension. Women especially will also appreciate the time you’ve taken with them.

It provides a stable base so that when you do have intercourse, it feels that much more pleasurable.

Switch Positions

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Missionary and doggy are the two most popular sex positions amongst couples but switching this up can have extreme benefits.

You’re able to prolong ejaculation, hit different orgasmic spots of the body, and make sex more fun.

Sticking to the same positions can make intercourse mundane and your partner could become bored and disinterested in the act.

Therefore, it’s always good to try new positions, especially if you feel they’re out of your comfort zone.

Not only will you find out more about your sexual interests but your partner may have more satisfaction from being in a new spot or stance.

Try reverse cowgirl, 69, lotus, standing, and legs up.

In some cases, you can also try yoga positions that people say increase intimacy, romance, and sexual performance.

Some yoga positions to try are the downward dog, bridge, happy baby, and cobra.

Two-Way Pleasure

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

When it comes to sex tips, one of the most important ones to implement is knowing intercourse is a two-way act.

It’s very important to know what you’re own sexual interests are but likewise, helping your partner to orgasm is the main goal.

In a way, helping someone to cum can excite you even more.

With sex, some people are pleasers and givers.

Pleasers are quite selfless and they can orgasm or get excited by making their partner reach satisfaction repeatedly. In some cases, they do “all the work” but they don’t mind.

Other people are givers, where they let their partner do what they want and don’t put much effort in.

Whilst neither one is wrong, it’s still important to know that pleasing others is important and you can achieve this in numerous ways using the sex tips on this list.

Don’t lose sight that sex takes two people and both of you deserve to enjoy it to the highest capacity.

Delay Ejaculation Techniques

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

One of the most sought-after sex tips for men is how to prolong ejaculation.

Whilst some people may not mind premature ejaculation, it’s not the best thing for those who haven’t received any orgasms themselves.

Most men want to go for a long amount of time and give as much pleasure as possible to their partner.

But, how can you enjoy sex for minutes/hours on end whilst repressing the urge to climax? Here, are some useful techniques:

  • Practice edging when masturbating – this is getting to the point of climax and then stopping. Then repeating this a few times to help control ejaculation.
  • You can squeeze the end of your penis where the head meets the shaft until the sensation passes.
  • If you feel you are about to orgasm from a sexual position, either change position or remove your penis.
  • If you thrust quickly, try slowing down when getting closer to ejaculation. This will help the sensation to pass whilst still penetrating your partner.

You can also try the age-old method of ejaculating before having sex. By doing this, you may be able to delay cumming again by an hour or so.


20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Abstinence may come as a surprising sex tip because it requires distancing yourself from sexual activities.

However, taking a break from masturbation and/or sex can improve sex drive and make future encounters much more exciting.

This does not need to be for a long period of time.

Abstaining for a couple of days or a week will give you a better appreciation for sex itself.

As a man, removing yourself from intercourse or self-play can help you achieve a longer and more intense orgasm the next time you have sex.

Abstinence aids in longer periods of performance and you can also reap mental and physical benefits such as better sperm quality, improved intimacy, and a renewed sense of self-control.

Distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

Use Technology

Is it Okay to Take Nude Selfies?

Is it Okay to Take Nude Selfies?

Great sex is not always achieved by physical contact. There are steps men can take to bring more excitement to their sexual interactions.

One of the best ways to tease your partner and get them going is to use something simple as your phone.

Sending sexy texts, erotic messages, and/or nudes is a foolproof way to make someone crave you even more. It’s even riskier if you send something like this when the recipient is at work.

Not only will they feel passionate at their desk, but having to suppress this feeling will only enhance their lust for you more.

Building these layers of sexual tension throughout the day means once you both see each other, you won’t be able to keep your hands off one another.

It’ll lead to a night full of sensual and loving sex that won’t make you want to stop.

Technology will also improve life in the bedroom and allow you to explore more things as your sexual chemistry grows.

Explore The Body

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

20 Best Sex Tips for Indian Men

Some men think that satisfying their sexual partner or getting them to orgasm is only through oral or penetrative sex.

This means that other body parts get neglected.

Remember, every person is different, so it’s important to explore their body with your hands and even mouth.

See how they react to you kissing their neck or grabbing their leg.

Every sexual partner might have similar or completely different points on their body where they feel the most stimulated.

Therefore, take some time (as part of foreplay) to tease your partner. This could be their inner thighs, lower back, or even shoulders – bite, kiss, lick, and feel them.

This build-up of sensuality will only make for a better sexual experience and boost the sex drive through the roof.

These sex tips will greatly improve your sex life and help you add some freshness to the bedroom.

Not all these tips have to be applied at the same time or quickly, you can ease into them and see what works for you and your sexual partner.

It can also give you a gateway to explore even more sexual fantasies and desires that you never considered before.