10 Top Indian Restaurants in Leicester to Dine At

enjoy great food in a majestic atmosphere.

There are several Indian restaurants in Leicester that serve up authentic food that boasts rich flavours.

Eateries range from traditional to contemporary but all of them are enjoyed by locals and visitors to the city.

Some are family-run while others are part of large restaurant chains.

A large South Asian population in Leicester has also contributed to such high-quality restaurants in the city.

Situated all over the city, these restaurants have their own house specialities which are loved by diners.

Here are 10 Indian restaurants in Leicester which are worth a try!

Cafe Delhi

7 Top Indian Restaurants in Leicester to Dine At - cafe

Located on Leicester’s Melton Road, Cafe Delhi is an Indian street food restaurant to check out.

Cafe Delhi serves diners an authentic Indian street food experience through creative, fun culinary styles and an informal, relaxed environment.

Unlike many other Indian restaurants, Cafe Delhi only serves vegetarian dishes, accommodating those with a veggie diet.

Their menu is very quirky, with fun headings for each section. The starters are named under ‘choti choti batein‘ and their parathas are named under ‘paranthe wali gali‘ and so forth.

From Nacho Chaat, Roasted Chali to Cheese and Chilli Kulcha, the list goes on. The Royal Memsaab Thali is £10.95 per person and consists of many varieties.

High Tea is a well-known aspect of the restaurant, handcrafting delicious dishes and costing £13.95 per person.

Tipu Sultan

7 Top Indian Restaurants in Leicester to Dine At - sultan

Tipu Sultan is a unique Indian restaurant located in Oadby.

It is a stunning building, with a restaurant on the ground floor and an entertainment suite on the first floor.

Tipu Sultan has an extensive menu to please both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Main courses such as Handi Chilli Chicken and Peshwari Gosht are handmade, using traditional recipes to ensure an authentic taste.

It also serves an array of Desi and Western desserts.

Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai and Gajar Halwa make up the Desi desserts while Apple Crumble is one of the Western options on the menu.

It is a Leicester restaurant to visit if you are looking to enjoy great food in a majestic atmosphere.


7 Top Indian Restaurants in Leicester to Dine At - tama

Popular Indian restaurant chain Tamatanga is located all across the UK and in Leicester, it is in Highcross.

The menu ranges from chaat plates to traditional thalis. Tamatanga serves each item with originality and tremendous tastes.

The spices of their Papdi Chaat blend into one. It is made up of chickpeas, whole wheat crisp, mint chutney and sweetened yoghurt topped with blueberries and tamarind chutney.

The Tamatanga Thali is one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

Serve in a metal thali, it includes salad, poppodoms, chutney, two vegetarian dishes, daal of the day, raita, rice, naan and any two curries.

For spice lovers, the Garlic Chilli Chicken is recommended. It has an overpowering taste of fresh garlic and green chillies amongst the juicy pieces of chicken thighs.

Tamatanga brings an element of the lively Indian streets as the food is served as and when it is ready.

Chutney Ivy

7 Top Indian Restaurants in Leicester to Dine At - chutney

Chutney Ivy offers a contemporary dining space in the heart of Leicester’s cultural quarter.

Food is freshly prepared every day by the experienced chefs who are not afraid to experiment with a wide range of different flavours and cooking techniques from around the world.

Chutney Ivy has a huge menu, ranging from classic curries to vegetarian dishes.

But for a proper Chutney Ivy experience, it is recommended to enjoy the set meals.

A great option is The Chutney Ivy Feast as a portion of every item that is part of the meal will be served. In addition, main meals will be replenished as required.

There must be at least four people together to ordeal the meal, meaning it is ideal for a group of friends.


Located on Granby Street, Kayal is a restaurant that specialises in South Indian cuisine.

Kayal’s cuisine is all about tradition, aromas and spices. The food is mildly flavoured and gently cooked.

The menu features a fascinating array of meat, seafood and vegetables flavoured with a variety of spices, constantly reminding diners of the Keralan cuisine.

One speciality are the dosas, which originated in Tamil Nadu. Every dosa is accompanied with sambar and coconut chutneys.

The restaurant is known for its seafood and an option to consider is the Tilapia Pollichathu.

Tilapia is covered with a spice paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and steam cooked. The result is an incredibly tender and moist piece of fish. Diners can choose between half a fish or an entire one.

Nawaaz Indian Restaurant

Nawaaz Indian Restaurant is a family-run business that has been in the catering industry since the late 1960s.

The restaurant is on London Road, a short walk from De Montfort Hall, Leicester University and the train station.

Nawaaz seats over two floors and can cater for large parties.

There is also an Events Room available for hire for those who wish to hold corporate meetings, parties and other functions.

Its huge menu serves a variety of starters, curries and side dishes.

But its tandoori specialities are a must-try. Chicken, lamb or prawns are marinated in various spices and yoghurt before being cooked in a tandoor, achieving a unique smoky flavour.

It is a longstanding Indian restaurant and it is easy to see why so many people continue to dine there.


This Granby Street restaurant is part of Kayal and it also serves aromatic food from Kerala but it is exclusively vegetarian and vegan food.

Herb has a major focus on the principles of healthy cooking and incorporating the healing aspect of herbs and spices in the cuisine.

Every dish on the menu is designed to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Many of the dishes are also gluten and nut-free.

One meal option to go for is The Herb Thali.

It is a three-course feast that starts with the soup. This is followed by tapas-style dishes, accompanied by rice and your desired bread. This is finished off with the dessert.

It is an all-in-one meal that is a favourite among diners.


Bobby’s is an authentic Indian restaurant situated on Leicester’s famous Golden Mile.

The eatery serves top-quality Gujarati vegetarian cuisine.

The wide-ranging menu will take you on a journey to the Indian subcontinent, with dishes including favourites Chilli Paneer and Tarka Daal along with Indian desserts to finish.

If you want an authentic experience you can opt for the traditional Gujarati Thali for a true taste of the region’s food, using nothing but the finest, freshest ingredients.

Bobby’s is also a popular Indian sweet shop, selling delicious barfi and jalebi to customers.

So if you are looking for a fantastic dining experience with authentic Indian flavours, check out Bobby’s.


Tiranga was founded in 2002 and it prides itself on being a family-run establishment.

What began as a modest concern has now through hard work and sheer determination evolved and grown into a leading force in a competitive world.

Tiranga’s enviable reputation for quality regardless of numbers and total commitment to customer satisfaction has placed them at the forefront.

Tiranga delights guests with its variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

It offers traditional Indian food, adapting recipes that have been passed down generations.

Not only is the food fresh but it can be altered to match your taste.

Shimla Pinks

Located on London Road, Shimla Pinks serves Delhi-based food and it is cooked right in front of you in the open kitchen.

The huge selection of dishes on offer is a testament to the years of experience and expertise of the chefs.

The restaurant is welcoming, with stylish decor complementing the hustle and bustle of Dehli life from the open-plan ‘theatre’ kitchen.

Classic dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala and Butter Chicken are on offer.

But if you want something a little different, why not try the Prawn Mango Curry?

Those who are worried about spice do not need to be as each dish has a chilli rating.

Many of these restaurants have their own set of devoted diners who keep coming back for the delicious food.

The different cuisines that they specialise in means that there is an Indian restaurant for everyone.

Visiting these Leicester restaurants are a wholesome experience and whether you go for a traditional meal or something more innovative, you will be left feeling satisfied.